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does not have the legitimacy

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court that he wrote at the end of the first instance court after they have changed for the request.Prosecutors continue to ask: Why should we change for the decision at the end of the first trial Sen Hao said, is not to change for giving himself a good result, the starting point is the fact that trying to speak clearly. Hao Sen said he understood many months in jail: "I do want to be responsible for all aspects of the deceased deceased, responsible for their own."But prosecutors believe that, for Sen-ho in the trial testimony of the relevant facts change, does not have the legitimacy and credibility, Hao Sen has admitted the facts as found on the verdict in the trial of repea nike air max 1 uk   ted notes and a few months stable. Moreover, yesterday's court inquiry stage discovery, Sen-ho and can not be justified. About poisoningFor poisoning no doubt, for the amount of doubtYesterday afternoon, the court was played before the first instance Hao Sen did poisoning scene to restore the video.Video, the police took a farmer spring (about 500 ml of ordinary bottled water) bottle and a small bottle. Sen Hao confirmed, this bottle he pretended dimethylnitrosamine similar

is to be found within the yellow ocean dimethylnitrosamine body.Second, Hao Sen change for the response. Prosecutors believe that Sen Hao main purpose is to change for a reduced sentence. His crime process only one person, the objective reality only one who knows him.Third, people with expertise in court testimony does not recognize that the expert evidence of suspected context.Fourth, with regard to the motive of the crime, the first-instance judgment mentioned in the "trivial Huang Yang dissatisfaction" and the implementation of the act, the prosecution that this identification is accurate. Prosecutors said that in many intentional homicide inciden nike air max 90 womensts, because some of the chores, finally causing serious consequences, so do not think that because of a trivial away intentional homicide view is wrong. Therefore, the first trial found to be accurate.February 18 this year, Huang Yang verdicts, due to intentional killing roommate Sen Hao Huang Yang was sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life. Prosecutors said the families of the victims expressed repeatedly upheld the appeal request, and Sen-ho did not provide more evidence on

and reform ideas on how elaborate and deploy significant.It should be noted that, as the central economic work conference "preparatory meeting", the 5th meeting of the Politburo meeting has made it clear that next year should adhere to the general tone of steady work, adhere to improve the quality and efficiency of economic development as the center, take the initiative adapt to the economic development of the new normal, keep the economy running at a reasonable range.Under "initiative to adapt to the economic development of the new normal" requirements, a major problem is that most outside attention, in the Chinese economy, "from high grow  nike air max 95 sale  th to the high growth," the new normal, next year's economic growth target if it will cut Currently, China is expected to cut 2015 GDP growth target almost unanimous judgment of public opinion at home and abroad. JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Bloomberg, and the Bank of China, UBS Securities, SW and other foreign agencies recently released a report, coincidentally are expected next year the Chinese government will cut economic growth target from 7.5% to about 7%.Wang Yiming, deputy secretary general of the National Development and Reform Commission has also publicly recommend a modest growth target for next year down. He said that at present China's economic growth rate

and the introduction of criminal

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appeal clarification, so the comprehensive factors hope that the court upheld the conviction."Huang Yang died of fulminant hepatitis B," said oneJudges said they did not make a separate decision on the basis ofYesterday, a former seat swing of "expertise" and nameplate Hu man appeared in court in their published opinions in the trial, causing widespread concern.Section 192 Criminal Procedure Law in 2013 from the implementation of the provisions of: people with expertise in court, the relevant provisions of the expert, the "specialized knowledge" and the introduction of criminal proceedings.Hu is the Beijing Association of Forensic Pathology Forensic professional grnike air max 95 cheapoup members, Beijing Huaxia Evidence Identification Center of Forensic person. He engaged in forensic identification than 30 years, worked in the public security, procuratorial organs have done forensic cases in the country and a major case study Bin, Hunan Huang's death, such as identification or proof of any mention of experts. Currently working at Huaxia Evidence Identification Center. As "people with expertise," Hu concluded in the trial raises questions thrown prosecution

conclude whether the contradiction Hu said he was mainly a single laboratory based. Among them, the three indicators Huang Yang is positive, we can consider that he is recovering from hepatitis. Report data April 3, 2013 and April 6 different. This means that there are dynamic changes Huang Yang, only explained by the outbreak of hepatitis B to this change.Prosecutors question, since it is hepatitis B, why Huang Yanike air max 90 saleng HBV-DNA test is negative Hu said that some patients do not secreted in the blood, is a false negative, the variation of the virus, the variation of surface antigens, resulting in false negatives. To do this test has two very strict conditions: first, must use disposable test tubes; second, placed in the laboratory can not put 6 hours. But not exclusively, Zhongshan Hospital, the hospital's liver, serum storage time detection of more than 6 hours, the test results were negative, does not mean he is negative."Expert Witness" expert witnesses, the prosecution

askedHuang Yang is dimethylnitrosamine poisoningAfter Hu court is requested to identify who's Procuratorate Chen Yi-nine (sound), also a forensic expert, personal injury, professional judiciary of Shanghai Committee of Experts identified the bodies involved in the detection and Huang Yang sign the conclusion.Chen Yi-nine, said Huang Yang's body appraisal report is five professional expert consensus. Forensic test results consistent with the corpse of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau. Although slight differences in the test results of tnike air max 1 salewo words, but there is no difference, all dimethylnitrosamine poisoning cause liver and kidney damage and multiple organ failure and death.Chen Yi-nine does not endorse Hu's statement, not only by Huang Yang three indicators were positive, to conclude that it died of fulminant hepatitis B virus.He explained that three indicators are two possibilities, one vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine, one infected with hepatitis B virus in recovery. Prior to the identification of the instrument has clearly outside the liver injury intoxication exclusion, including the exclusion of hepatitis A, hepatitis B,

Shanghai Municipal Public

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witnesses and experts, he believes Huang Yang died of fulminant hepatitis B-induced liver necrosis and eventually multiple organ failure, instead dimethylnitrosamine poisoning.This view came out, that was an expert witness who identified Procuratorate Chen Yi-party applications nine (sound) refuted.As the "expert witness", Chen Yi-nine professionals judicial system injury Shanghai Committee of Experts identified the bodies involved in the detection of Huang Yang, and sign the appraisal conclusion, identification of the dead is one of Huang Yang reported five professional appraiser. Chen Yi-nine that their results are consistent with the forensic identification of the bodies of the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau of test results (Huang Yang's death) are dimethylnitrosamine poisoning cause liver and kidney damage and multiple organ failure and died.Judge court also indicated that as "people with expertise," Hunike air max 2014 mens  said content does not belong to the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Law expert opinion, should serve as an opinion on cross-examination of expert opinion, can not alone be taken as the basis."There are people of

expertise" Hu accepted the defense inquiryHuang Yang died of fulminant hepatitisDefenders: Can you elaborate on the findings and reason Hu: both physician and director of the law on the content of attorney questions raised four points: 1 Our analysis that examined Huang Yang died of fulminant hepatitis B; 2 on dimethylpropylene nitrate. amine test, we believe that under the current inspection and appraisal report, found the presence of dimethyl nitrosamine Huang Yang poisoning poisoning and even lack of basis; 3. Histopathological examination can not serve as the etiological diagnosis, especially the specific cause of the exclusion of all others kinds of causes, is not obnike air max 90 hyperfuse womensjective unscientific; 4. Shanghai Public Security Bureau in the absence of proof of identification under a flawed conclusions, the commission secondary identification procedures and acceptance procedures are in violation of the identification rules. We believe that Huang Yang died of fulminant hepatitis B-induced liver necrosis and eventually multiple organ failure.Defender: Why is explosive Hu: In Huang Yang cases, there have been so few testing. April 3, 2013, on the

6th, the 8th and the 12th to do a blood test four times for the hepatitis B virus, commonly known as the "two pairs of semi-examination." In this inspection report, the index line on the 3rd of hepatitis B surface antibody positive, but the other two antibodies are negative. But the 6th three antibodies were changed to positive, until the 8th, the 12th, three antibodies are positive, this situation can not be caused by other reasons, the only explanation is that Huang Yang infected with hepatitis B virus. This check is for the hepatitis B virus, and poisoning or other issues which are not related. Because dimethylnitrosamine poisoning does not exhibit the hepatitis B virus antibody-positive cases. Therefore, dimethyl nitrosamine and the hepatitis B does not matter, two  nike free tr fit womenssporadic. Huang Yang exhibited complete series of hepatitis B disease, all without dimethylnitrosamine poisoning. Hu accepted the prosecution inquiryHuang Yang is a very special caseSubsequently, prosecutors asked Jason Hu, whether authorized written information in the course of two autopsy reports and conclusions.In this regard, Hu said he was on the autopsy process is not necessarily recognized, but the conclusion is not recognized.Prosecutors continue to ask Jason Hu, on the autopsy process is not fully recognized, but as a basis to

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